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What is Cambio Card?

  • A universal Gift Card that can be used to make purchases at local merchants. While Store Gift Cards can be used only at particular stores, Cambio Card can be used at any of the participating merchants – hence, its universal appeal.

  • Cambio Card is accepted by only small local restaurants and stores. It is your way of helping your local community and small businesses by making sure your money stays local.

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Featured Merchants

Support Local Small Businesses

Why Should You Buy It?


Cambio Card can often be bought at discounted rates, so you start saving money right away. Watch out for discounts online or at merchant locations! The best part is, it can be used in a variety of locations, so you are not forced to shop only at a specific location.


Don’t have a Credit Card? No problem. Use Cambio Card to make online and in-store purchases at local stores. This is perfect for teenagers or adults who don’t have a credit card.


Want to give a Gift Card to a loved one that can be used in multiple local businesses? Cambio Card is the perfect Gift! It doesn’t force you to purchase from just one store, it can be used at a variety of stores, restaurants and salons.


Strengthen your community by supporting local businesses. When you shop at these local merchants, you are supporting small businesses, which is crucial to revitalizing our economy.

Where Can You Buy It?


Cambio Card can be purchased online from this website by clicking the “Buy or Load” button below. You can also load it any number of times through this website.


You can purchase, load or redeem Cambio Card at any of the participating locations that accept the Card.

Save Money. Shop Local.

Whatever you spend at local stores, stays in the local community. Shop at your favorite restaurants, salons or retail outlets - help mom and pop stores get back on their feet during these difficult times.