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About Us

About Us

Cambio Card was created by our Founders out of a desire to help small businesses with technology that only large nationwide chains can afford. There are hundreds of sites on the Internet that sell Gift Cards for big restaurants and retail stores, but where do you find Gift Cards for small one-owner stores who can’t justify having Gift Cards of their own?

Cambio Card is a universal card that is accepted by your local participating merchants so that you don’t have to buy Gift Cards of any particular store. You can buy just one card and keep re-loading and paying with it for goods and services at your favorite stores.

Cambio Card supports the community and small businesses by enabling online and easy shopping for customers.

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Our Mission


Use just ONE Card in many restaurants and stores.


Enable Customers to pay for online purchases even if they don’t have a Credit Card.


Small businesses with technology tools that only big companies can afford.

You’re in good company

Cambio Card is developed by Cybervation, a technology company providing smart solutions since 1998 to businesses of all sizes, nationwide.